30th Conchman Triathlon proves Grand Bahama is on the mend

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The Grand Bahama Conchman Triathlon has been one of the premiere events on the island for 30 years now.

The triathlon has tested the will and strength of young people and adults over the years and the trend is expected to continue in one of the more entertaining events.

Set to take place at Taino Beach on November 5, over 100 swimmers, bikers and runners are expected to once again see who will come out on top in the tri-sport event.

Start time is set for 8:00 a.m.

Organizers and sponsors, the Grand Bahama Port Authority and Ministry of Tourism: Grand Bahama, met this past Tuesday at the host venue site to continue selling the hype of the triathlon’s 30th anniversary. Christopher Baker, Chairman of the Conchman Triathlon committee said the milestone was occasion enough to make the event a “special” one and have added new events to the upcoming race.

“Besides the sprint distance that we’ve had every year and the Ironkids and the team relays, we have family relays; we’ve added a few things. We’ve added an Olympic distance in order to attract those athletes that are really keen on taking part and it will stretch them a bit further,” he explained to members of the local media, “It’s double the distance of the sprint. So it really challenges them.”

“We’ve also added the corporate challenge cup. In order to get more people to participate locally, we’ve invited businesses besides just sponsoring us that they can put in a team of three people; one will swim, one will bike and one will run. We have got a special cup that will be presented to the winning company. We hope this will be a big attraction to see who is the fittest company in Grand Bahama.”

Baker further introduced that there will be a schools competition to get the high school students involved as well. According to Baker, Bll of the secondary schools were contacted and he expects some of them to participate. The school teams will produce teams of three people to swim, bike and run.

Registration is ongoing and forms can be downloaded from the triathlon’s website; www.conchmantriathlon.com or they can be picked up from Cafferata Corporate Services on Poinciana and West Mall Drive. Registration fees can also be paid at the establishment.

“It should be possible for people to get registered before the event. There is no registration on the day at all, except for the Ironkids. The Ironkids can register on the day at Taino Beach.”

For the sprint portion of the event, the swim will be 750 meters, the bike ride will be a 20K, and the run will be a 5K. For the Olympic participants, the swim will be a 1.5K, a 40K bike ride and a 10K run. The Ironkids event will include a 200m swim, a 2.5K bike ride and a 800m run.

Director for the MOTGB, Betty Bethel said the event is something they have always sup- ported. With this being the 30th anniversary of the race, she fur- thered it prompted them to go “above and beyond” in helping out. Bethel also stated that 15 international athletes are con- firmed and they expect more to come on stream.

“We know that the Conchman Triathlon does attract visitors to our island and that’s our primary reason we like to support these type of events. Of course considering we’re just coming out of a major hurricane this event is even more significant than ever before because it’s going to the first event that we would have held since Hurricane Matthew.

“We’re still relying on our domestic travel out of the Abacos and Nassau who will be attending. That being the case it also sends a message that Grand Bahama is definitely on the restoration path and we are in shape to hold an event as early as November 5.”

Cash prizes, trophies and specially made medals will be given out to the winners and participants that afternoon at Taino Beach. They will end the day with a beach party, Junkanoo, bonfire and fireworks.

GBPA Conchman Triathlon still on for November 5

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Taino Beach

It will take more than a category 4 hurricane to knock out Grand Bahama’s biggest multi-discipline sporting event, particularly during an anniversary year.

Hurricane Matthew may have devastated much of the island, but the Grand Bahama Port Authority Conchman Triathlon will still celebrate its 30th annual event on November 5, 2016.

The race will begin and end at Taino Beach and competitors will be able to choose between Olympic and Sprint distances. The difference between the two is that runners may have to travel a bit further to the Transition Area. There will also be special sub-competitions for local company teams, as well as high school teams.

At lunchtime the Iron Kids event will take place, followed by the awards ceremony. A series of special events is also scheduled to take place later that day once all other athletic events are completed. The event will close out with a junkanoo beach party and fireworks at sunset.

Taino Beach

“Triathletes are noted for their dogged determination and even a massive hurricane was not going to stop us celebrating this important milestone in the Conchman’s history,” Conchman Chairman Christopher Baker said.

“We are hoping that competitors from home and abroad will flock to the event in record numbers to show their loyalty and support, but also to reflect the huge wave of community spirit which has marked Grand Bahama since the storm passed.”

Baker and the GBPA Conchman team have been working diligently to get everything ready for this year’s event, despite many people having to repair their homes. He believes it is important for Grand Bahama to experience some form of normalcy as soon as possible.

“I hope that many of you overseas triathletes, who have registered, will still plan on coming to compete. Power and water have been restored to the Lucaya area and I will give updates to the situation with all the hotels listed on our website where people can stay,” said Baker.

He encourages all triathletes to remain focused, continue to prepare and if they haven’t done so already, go online and register www.conchmantriathlon.com.

Taino Beach

GB Port Authority becomes first major Conchman sponsor in 30 years

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The organisers of the 30th Annual Conchman Triathlon have seen a huge boost in registrants with the news that The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has stepped forward as a major sponsor for the historic event.

The GBPA has recognised the competition’s significance not just at home but abroad by becoming the first Conchman sponsor since the island’s premier sporting event launched in 1986.

It was the right time for us to take this event on,” GBPA Chairman Sarah St. George said. “We have always been strong supporters.”

Moving forward, the event will be known as the GBPA Conchman Triathlon.

“We are absolutely delighted that the GBPA has recognised the importance of this event by becoming the first really major sponsor,” Conchman Chairman Christopher Baker said. “This is something that touches so many people on the island and worldwide. We are proud to have their support.”

In addition to this sponsorship milestone, Conchman organisers have enjoyed an increase in early registrants, a number of whom are US-based athletes. Mr Baker noted that, since its early years, the Conchman Triathlon has had an international reach with participants flying in from North America and Europe. This year, he said, the committee is pleased to see these competitors signing up almost two months ahead of the November 5th event.

“This is a major sports event not just for Grand Bahama but also further afield,” Mr Baker said. “The Conchman triathlon has an impeccable athletic reputation. This year, we want to take it to the community and provide a day of fun and entertainment for all the family.”

He said the organising committee has been hard at work to ensure that this year’s triathlon would be groundbreaking, not only to mark its 30th anniversary, but also celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, which also falls on November 5.

For the first time, competitors will be able to participate in Olympic-distance events: swimming – 1.5km, biking – 40km and running – 10km. There will also be separate categories for high school teams and companies.

The sporting event will last all day with a transition into family entertainment during the evening at Taino Beach – the event’s traditional start point and finish point. The event will culminate with a Junkanoo rush-out, a bonfire on the beach and a big firework display.

Registration is now open for all areas of the event.

Conchman Triathlon launches corporate challenge cup on November 5

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Fitter employees can result in a more efficient company, and organisers of the Conchman Triathlon want to harness that fact to encourage local companies to get involved in this year’s 30th anniversary event on November 5th.

Pointing to a recent Harvard University study that found a direct correlation between physical fitness and mental firepower, the triathlon committee is promoting its corporate challenge as a means of improving physical health in the business community and increasing productivity in the workplace.

“Regular exercise improves your mood, makes you happier and makes you feel more fulfilled – all good things for workers, particularly those whose job involves interaction with the public,” Christopher Baker, Conchman chairman and veteran participant in all three event disciplines, said.

“We want to spark boss’ imaginations so they can see the dual opportunity here. There are publicity benefits, but also big productivity improvements to be gained. We are proposing that companies enter teams and encourage staff to get motivated into some physical exercise. The 30th Conchman Triathlon is the perfect opportunity to begin a fitness programme in every company on the island.”

Organisers expressed hopes of receiving a substantial number of registrants for the corporate challenge, noting that the winning team of three will not only earn a trophy, but also bragging rights for the entire year.

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has already committed to the event with a major sponsorship in the swimming discipline. “We shall be entering several teams this year,” GBPA Vice Chairperson Sarah St. George said. “We at the Port endorse the initiative of the corporate challenge to get more companies involved. We will also provide a team of volunteers to help on the day [of the event].”

Erika Gates of Garden of the Groves has also signed up and already started her training. She said, “It is a great incentive for me and my company team members to get fit.”

This year’s jubilee Conchman is being touted as a day of fitness and fun for the entire community to enjoy.

“It does not matter if the company is BTC or a small mall shop, workmates can come out to cheer on their team – and then stay to enjoy all the events we have planned,” Mr Baker said.

Participants in the Conchman Triathlon can choose to participate in all three disciplines – a 750-metre (m) swim, 20-kilometre (km) bike ride and 5km run – or join a three-person team and select one of the disciplines to complete.

Companies interested in competing for the Triathlon Corporate Challenge Cup can register an unlimited number of teams. Each team will be charged a $500 entry fee. In return, businesses will get an array of benefits, including the chance to have their teams decked out in the company livery – a sort of mobile advert for the business.

The corporate challenge is the latest segment to be unveiled as part of this year’s 30th Conchman Triathlon. A few months ago, the triathlon committee revealed the event would include a category for the island’s high schools, with cash prizes as well as a trophy for the winners. The event is expected to become a highlight in the island’s school sports calendar.

Like the corporate challenge, the objective of the high school competition is to increase the number of participants in the annual triathlon, but also place a sharp focus on the importance of fitness and health, and how they provide the foundation for a happy and long life.

The 30th Conchman Triathlon takes place on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5 at Taino Beach. The event will feature its usual sprint triathlon and Iron Kids competition in addition to an Olympic-distance triathlon, which comprises a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride and a 10km run.

The Conchman Triathlon will be an all-day event culminating in a Junkanoo rush-out and bonfire on the beach, complete with a firework display.

Organisers have been coordinating the event for a number of months now and will be partnering with the Ministry of Tourism and the Grand Bahama Tourism Board.

Registration is now open at www.active.com.

Bahamas Triathlon Team Dominate At First Caribbean Championships

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Seventeen athletes representing The Bahamas participated across three events in the inaugural Caribbean Triathlon and Duathlon Age Group Championships at Key Biscayne, Florida on May 15th 2016.

Competing against triathletes from Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, St Maarten, Trinidad & Tobago and The Virgin Islands, The Bahamas’ team came away with 16 podium finishes including 11 first place awards.

The international distance race started things off with a 0.5-mile swim, 24.8-mile bike course and then a 6.2-mile run to the finish line. The sprint distance event, which covers half of the swim and run distances plus a 10-mile bike, shortly followed the duathlon race of run, bike, run. There was Bahamian representation in all three events.

Scott Fricks, the event race director, said, “A special congratulations to Bahamas Triathlon Association for not only fielding the biggest team but for flying their country colors with the most pride.”

Dorian Roach, president of the Bahamas Triathlon Association (BTA), added, “We are immensely proud of the 17 dedicated athletes who made the trip to represent our country and coming away with such exceptional results. After forming less than a year ago, the BTA is excited about our future prospects of competing on an international scale. We would like to thank our sponsors Think Simple, and we are looking for more companies to support us in developing and promoting the sport of triathlon here in The Bahamas.

More information about The Bahamas Triathlon Association and the upcoming season schedule can be found on their website: http://www.bahamastriathlon.org

Full Results of Bahamian Placing At The Caribbean Championships

Sprint Triathlon:

Male 25-29                 Kordero St Cyr            1st Place           1:13:32

Male 35-39                 Cameron Roach          1st Place               57:10

Male 40-44                 Dorian Roach              2nd Place           1:07:54

Male 50-54                 Marco Armbrister       5th Place            1:11:52

Male 55-59                 Mark Davies                 1st Place             1:03:32

Male 55-59                 Mario Carey                  2nd Place           1:06:48

Female 35-39             Sarah Kennedy             1st Place            1:04:54

Female 35-39             Elizabeth Shaddock     2nd Place           1:07:58

Female 40-44             Katherine Bowers        1st Place            1:12:57

Female 45-49             Lori Roach                    1st Place            1:15:35

Sprint Duathlon:

Male 35-39                 Donovan Rolle               1st Place            1:04:10

International Triathlon:

Male 35-39                 Gregory Michelier          1st Place            2:22:43

Male 40-44                 Simone Bertoldo           1st Place            2:11:25

Male 50-54                 Arturo Salas                  2nd Place          2:25:47

Male 60-64                 Jeff Robertson              2nd Place          3:01:12

Female 35-39             Anna Zywiolek              1st Place           2:22:50

Female 45-49             Julie Salas                     1st Place           2:19:22

Triple challenge for top school bragging rights

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Local high schools will get a golden opportunity to claim they are top of the sporting class this fall. For the first time in its 30-year history, Grand Bahama’s internationally-famed Conchman Triathlon will have a category to identify the top schools in the event.

Conchman organisers are hoping that every senior school on the island will enter teams in the mixed-discipline competition and have even added incentive to encourage both private and government high schools to participate. In addition to school bragging rights being up for grabs, organisers have waived entry fees for student teams and will award cash prizes to schools with the highest placing teams.Photo Schools 4

As each school will be allowed to register an unlimited number of three-member teams, the school whose three teams place highest will receive $500. The school finishing in second place will receive $300 and the school that finishes third will receive $200. Participating schools must have at least three teams to be in contention for a cash prize.

The competition comprises three sprint distance events: a 750-metre swim, a 20-kilometre (km) bike ride and a 5km run. Each student will be asked to complete just one discipline.

Photo Schools 2“With this format, participating schools will be able to use their best track athletes and competitive swimmers on the same teams,” Conchman Chairman Christopher Baker said. “As a result, we are expecting some really impressive times to be set. We want to show what these youngsters can do athletically while giving them a chance to compete, have fun, and possibly gain some funding for theirs schools.”

The innovation is part of an effort to spread the appeal of the competition. As this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Conchman, the objective is to increase participation throughout the community, particularly among young people, while emphasising the importance of fitness and health in laying the foundation for a happy and long life.

Over the years, the Conchman has increased in popularity, attracting competitors who range in age from four years old to 79.

“A lot of people sign up year after year, and as they get older and enter the veteran classes, it becomes almost a matter of honour to keep going,” Mr Baker said. “This is great because that level of commitment helps people prepare for the race and keeps them focused on issues like their diets and general fitness levels.

“There is also a social dimension to the race. We have participants who travel to compete each year. These people have made friends through the triathlon and look forward to seeing them at the event. For students, it will be a similar experience. This will be a chance for them to meet with peers in a context outside the regular sports seasons.”

The 30th annual Conchman Triathlon takes place on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5. In addition to the usual sprint triathlon and Iron Kids competitions, this year’s event will feature Olympic-distance races for persons in top physical shape: a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run. The daylong series of events will culminate in a Junkanoo rush-out, bonfire and fireworks display.

Once again, the event will be based at Taino Beach, the third venue in its illustrious history.

Organisers have been planning the event for some months now and will be partnering with the Ministry of Tourism and the Grand Bahama Tourism Board. They have also engaged local companies in discussions about sponsorship and participation in the inter-company event, similar to the inter-school competition.

More than 160 people competed in the first event in 1986 and since then, the Conchman has been truly established in the international athletic calendar with thousands of competitors traveling from as far away as Europe and the west coast of the United States.  The event’s objectives have remained the same from the start – to stage a positive community event that could contribute to the island’s charitable organisations – and this mission will continue.

“We want this event to have a significant community impact, whether residents and guests are competing or not,” Mr Baker said. “The BASRA Swim on Coral Beach has become a major event on the island for hundreds of people. We want the Conchman to surpass that, if we can, to mark this special year.”

Big bang jamboree for triathletes in the works

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FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — Expect fireworks this year at Grand Bahama’s internationally-famed Conchman Triathlon.

The event will be celebrating its 30th year on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5 – and will be doing it in style with an all-day into-the-evening series of events culminating in a Junkanoo rush-out, a bonfire on the beach and a big firework display.

Conchman 2015 overall winners Stefan Laursen from California and Elizabeth Shaddock from Nassau.

Conchman 2015 overall winners Stefan Laursen from California and Elizabeth Shaddock from Nassau.

There will also be a number of innovations which committee members hope will boost the number of participants, individual and team members, to 500. This includes inter-school and inter-company competitions, and possibly a competition to find the best triathlete in the whole of the Bahamas.

It will once more be based at Taino Beach, the third venue in its illustrious history, but in addition to the usual sprint triathlon event and the Iron Kids competition this year will also feature a competition over the Olympic distances for the really fit – a one and a half km swim, a 40km bike ride and a 10km run.

Organisers have been working on plans for the event for some weeks now. “We want to make it a truly memorable occasion with more competitors and many more spectators than ever before,” said new Conchman chairman, and winner of a number of category events over the years, Christopher Baker.

Taino Beach, the perfect spot for the sport of triathlon.

Taino Beach, the perfect spot for the sport of triathlon.

“The Conchman Triathlon has had a really illustrious history over the decades and the committee want to build on that excellent legacy by creating a larger, more varied event with appeal to various sectors in the community and a range of extra prizes to match.”
More than 160 people competed in the first event and since then it has been truly established in the international athletic calendar with thousands of competitors traveling to take from as far away as Europe and the west coast of the United States. The event objectives have remained the same from the start – to stage a positive community event which would also contribute to the island’s charitable organisations – and this mission will continue.

The organisers are liaising with the Ministry of Tourism and the Grand Bahama Tourism Board to get the Conchman publicised as widely as possible around the globe and to arrange special accommodation and travel packages to help entrants from far afield.

Baker continued: “We want this to be a big community event on Grand Bahama whether people are competing or not. The BASRA Swim on Coral Beach has become a major diary date on the island for hundreds of people with lots of fun for everyone. We want to surpass that if we can to mark this special year for us.”

Iron Kids rewards the youngsters for their swim, bike, run efforts.

Iron Kids rewards the youngsters for their swim, bike, run efforts.

Guy Fawkes Day – which marks the Gun Powder Plot of 1605 when a group of old-style terrorists, led by Fawkes tried to blow up the English Parliament – is marked by people on various islands through the Caribbean, including Grand Bahama. “It provides us with a theme for our own big bang celebration and we shall want people to come along and join in the fun,” said Baker.